an introduction to the creation of OTHER. Magazine


I found myself wanting to bring a little woodland whimsy into the reptilian bog. I am not the first, nor the last, to try.

I vocalized silent musings to friends, colleagues, my community; few I hardly knew much about at that time. In expression, I found kindred spirits; the rebellious kind, and we made something happen: OTHER.

My skull split and out poured the initial concept for an art and literature magazine, one that would highlight the anti, counter, antagonist; the Other in all people. Initiating this conversation with Orlando creatives brought forth incredible talent and vision, which all amounted to an unforgettable launch and motions of support from hundreds of people. It has become one of the most humbling and motivational experiences of my life, teaching me to be willing and dedicated to creation.

I wanted to challenge the identity of the evolving artist. Everything remains so close to me, every movement and unanswered question, the acceptance of those things and improving my methods. Along the way I asked, “Why not? Why are you afraid?” And by satisfying the questions, from which the answers were within myself, I found piece and little left to argue: I had to cultivate an environment for other artists and creatives to thrive; a platform for us to show our work, collaborate and escape our hermit shells.

The rest speaks for itself.

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